Undershirt Guy (Tug)

 Tug's considered the world’s undershirt and underwear expert.

He began his journey noting points on undershirts he’d purchased and it just grew from there.

In his own words “if I was looking for information about undershirts online, so must others. right?”.

His website covers all matters regarding undershirts and includes mention of our sweat proof undershirts. We feature in his recent article “Sweat Proof Shirts & Undershirts: The Ultimate Guide” and are listed in his blog “The Top 9 Sweat Management Solutions”

Here’s what Tug had to say “The Matt King Undercover undershirts use the same type of sweat-blocking underarm pad as other brands, however, they have a specific focus to make eco-friendly sweat proof undershirts. “I had a recent email exchange with the founder, and really was quite impressed with the work he put into creating his undershirts. Here are the most notable parts of our exchange”

My idea to create the undershirt was born out of my own challenge and before I was even aware of Ejis, Thompson Tee or any other sweat proof undershirts on the market at that time.

The Journey started back in 2012 and then sat dormant for a few years, as I was still very active in my corporate career, which was unrelated to textiles. I returned to the idea back in 2016 when I took a sabbatical and had the time to develop the undershirt.

All the sweat proof undershirts I have since examined work off a similar principle. My pattern is my own unique design and I actually focused on the style elements that I felt were important. I studied high-end branded undershirts to ensure I incorporated all the elements I wanted to experience in an undershirt along with sweat proof protection.

My key markets are outside of the US as I have my contacts in Australia, Middle East and Europe. My business partner is based in Dubai and has worked within the largest high-end fashion and retail group in Middle East.

Trade between China and Australia has been complicated. I deliberately stay out of South East Asia and China regarding suppliers and production, as it did not align with my sustainability focus. I am a made in the E.U product, which aligns with the undershirt being a premium high quality offering. It also aligns with my sustainability objectives.

In terms of advantages relating to geographical locations I absolutely think I hold my own unique position. We are an Australian company with a sustainability focus. That matters here.


Across the entire textile industry I believe sustainability is fundamental in moving forward into the future. I attended the largest textile sustainability conference in Milan back in 2018 and will attend the 2020 conference online in a few days.

Being made in the E.U and having production based there is definitely an advantage for the European market. I lived in Dubai for over 10 years and I held senior roles so I am at home within the Middle East market. My career successes and business partnerships carry the integrity of my brand in the Middle East.

My approach has been along the classic lines of identifying a problem and solving it but I have never put a negative spin on sweat. Sweat serves as a vital necessity to our well-being yet underarm sweat marks caused me distress in my professional career.

I always have invested in quality clothing and wanted to create an undershirt that complimented that, hence offering the 
world’s first organic cotton and Supima cotton sweat proof undershirts.


When I launch the new men/women’s line in EcoVero it will be a first again and 100% sustainable. Happy to discuss fabric chooses more if that is of interest.

Integrity issues across the whole textile industry have been flushed to the forefront this year with Covid. Big name brands have been called out for unethical business practices. I am the face of my brand and maintain close and personal communication with my audience as its become vital for people to know who’s behind the brand. It is also my platform to advocate for the shift toward a more eco-conscious and sustainable future as that is what I am passionate about.

I have a wonderful collaboration in development at the moment with a group of doctors who advocate for mental health and will be wearing the undershirt and dancing for wellness. It’s about feeling fantastic with who we are.

As I say “Not just a sweat proof undershirt. A tool to live your best life”.

II do not belong to the old ways of textile mismanagement. I am a newbie and want to be part of the clean-up and solution moving forward.

Happy to answer anymore questions you have.

Have a great day!

Matthew King

Tugs website: www.undershirtguy.com