As a product our sweat proof undershirts make a great accessory to your wardrobe; however for many, our undershirt is a welcome necessity that provides great emotional and physical relief. Our undershirts protect your outerwear from sweat and permanent sweat stains, so you stay both fresh and dapper.

Matching accessories are often the important finishing touch that define your unique style. There are many opportunities to stylize your look with different visible (and invisible) accessories.

We consider our undershirts to be the perfect invisible “suit accessory”. We are an eco-fashion brand and our undershirts are premium in quality. They are comfortable and designed to be worn under smart, formal or casual wear and are ideal under a shirt. Made to hug the body without restriction, they offer breathability and comfort. By contouring the body our undershirt will stay perfectly fitted to your body.

Both our v-neck and scoop-neck undershirts are designed in order that the top button of your outer shirt can be undone and the undershirt remains unseen. Going formal or casual our undershirt will remain hidden while protecting you from visible sweat marks. Designed to be light in weight you are free to accessorize without the feel of a bulky undergarment.

A few of our other favourite accessories include the wrist watch for it timelessness. Dating back to the 1500’s a watch can make either a bold statement in design while others are more minimalistic and subtle. Whatever your style of watch, there is no questioning that fact that it is not only telling the time but also telling a story about you.

The bracelet is another popular statement piece we love. A bracelet can hold very interesting stories of travel, adventure and lifestyle. More often than not they hold a significant meaning for the individual. From leather, precious metals, woven cotton the choices are endless. You can find something to suit any occasion from casual to formal.

A ‘must’ accessory has to be sunglasses. Who doesn’t shine in a dashing pair of sunglasses. There is so much to consider here; budget, trends, style, occasion and of course your personal taste. Ultimately, you must feel comfortable wearing them. Be sure whatever you choose they offer good UV protection from the sun to take care of your eyes and surrounding skin.

My personal favourite is the necklace. Not only an accessory for me but a piece of life’s memorabilia. I wear a classic silver chain with pendant. It is full of wonderful memories of past travels and adventures. There are a vast array of styles to suit ones personal taste. Often for men it’s worn to complement yet not dominate, but in saying that there are many designs that make very bold statements for the more adventurous individual.

Whatever your style, based on your preference and taste there is no denying great accessories can definitely make an outfit (and an individual) stand out in the crowd.

Keep styling it dry!