Some of the biggest brands in the clothing industry have gone rogue during lockdown!

Through this current crisis, it has been disheartening to witness the unethical practices adopted by some of the world's leading clothing companies. Big brands are refusing to pay suppliers, leaving a trail of devastation across manufacturing hubs in China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and South East Asia. Big brands that have returned plentiful profits have also historically been outed for ignoring human rights and sustainability issues within the textile industry.

This unethical, bullish approach has left many along the supply chain unpaid for services rendered. With an already complex back-story many industry-leading brands that profited from forced labour and other inhumane work practices, are themselves under the spotlight for their own unethical behaviour. The big question is "will they take responsibility or will this go ignored?".

There are many organizations within the textile industry that offer sustainability “best practice” guidelines and initiatives.  Some of these organizations have members who are caught up in the controversy of unpaid suppliers. This situation requires ethical solutions. We hope to see these bigger brands taking responsibility and fulfilling their business commitments. 

For us, as a brand, there has always been zero resistance in our commitment to developing a sustainable business. When we came to understand the ecological, human and social damage within the textile industry from unsustainable practices, we realized we could not rely on the integrity or leadership from many of the dominant global leaders in the textile industry.

As passionate planet protectors, we took matters into our own hands. We are forging a sustainable pathway independently, aligning with ethical industry organizations that invest in supporting businesses to adopt sustainable practices along the entire supply chain. For us, this is an ongoing educational journey for which we are continuously doing our best to implement “best practices”.

Our mission is to help people live their best lives through caring for themselves and their community. We have the vision to be a fully sustainable eco brand by 2025, through social responsibility and transparency, making a meaningful contribution to people and the planet. Our core values are integrity, quality, transparency, inclusivity and joy.   

We do not cooperate with any suppliers or businesses within China or South East Asia where human rights are an issue. Our product is manufactured in the European Union under their rules and governance. We always seek certifications to ensure the integrity of the fabrics and products we use.

It is our mission at Matt King Undercover to be part of the movement toward positive change.