Our sweat proof undershirts were born from the founder’s own personal sweat challenge. He wanted to create an undershirt that would not only solve the problem of visible underarm sweat, but also be the perfect undershirt choice in terms of quality and style.

Equally important was to adopt a sustainable approach in manufacture & packaging, to ensure, as a brand, we consider both environmental and socio-economic aspects along the entire supply chain. This has gained huge importance over the years and is rapidly being adopted as an essential practice within the textile industry.   Our decision to produce in Europe aligned with two important factors; quality and sustainability.

Our first choice for Supima ™ cotton was because of its trademark assurance for quality. It is considered the worlds finest. Supima ™ is very transparent with its sustainability practices. Our organic cotton collection aligned with our sustainable business approach and when we launched we were the first in the world to offer an Organic cotton sweat proof undershirt.

Cotton is the preferred choice for our undershirts, as it has long been a stable in ones wardrobe and remains the world’s most loved fabric. There are endless benefits to using cotton as a sweat proof undershirt. There have also been vast improvements in terms of its sustainability practices. We have plans to launch an additional and new 100% sustainable fabric line in the near future.

As an affiliated member of the Textile Exchange - an organization that is positively impacting the climate through accelerating the use of preferred fibres across the global textile industry - we stay up-to-date with best practices and new improvements across the industry.

When we review the actual design elements of our sweat proof undershirts there are many finer details that have been considered. Below is a list of those considerations:

  • Protects against visible underarm sweat with our sweat proof barrier
  • Tag-less care label - for comfort
  • Extra length - so no pulling up around the waist
  • Deeper and wider neckline - for breathability and invisibility
  • Designed to hug - not restrict the body
  • Premium light weight fabric - offering breathability
  • World’s finest cotton - for softness and quality

Our sweat proof undershirt is designed to be worn under a shirt - either smart, formal or casual. Lovers of undershirts will appreciate both its quality and ability to protect against visible underarm sweat. Now you can style it dry with confidence.

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