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Our Story

In short: it’s about feeling fantastic with who you are. The sweat proof undershirts were designed with that ethos in mind. It solves the problem of visible underarm sweat; a situation faced by many and embarrassing for most.

An idea conceived in Dubai, UAE, developed in Byron Bay, Australia and manufactured in the continent that brought fashion to the world – Europe! The undershirts are made in the European Union.

My story originates from a personal challenge within my corporate environment. Presentation and grooming were critical to my role. Having visible underarm sweat stains was embarrassing and distressing.

A difficult challenge was faced and a solution was found. That solution did not require surgery, chemical skin applications or heavily treated chemical fabrics. The solution was discovered using the most natural and loved fabric in the world - cotton! With the addition of the underarm sweat proof engineering, the undershirt offers a real solution to a real problem!

Supima Cotton, because it’s considered the world finest cotton. It’s natural and perfect against your skin, absorbs moisture and breathes. Organic because we care about sustainability and are continuously looking to reduce our carbon footprint. These performance undershirts celebrate everything that’s right in style, comfort and quality.

In development and soon to launch will be a sweat proof undershirt made from ECOVERO™ a certified sustainable viscose for both women and men. 

Sweat is vital and is one of the amazing functions of the human body. Everybody sweats, so we are all in this together. We're here to help you manage it better so that you can live your best life.

Enjoy styling it dry in our sweat proof undershirts.  

Matt King Ceo and Creator of Matt King Undercover

Matt King, Founder & CEO

Johanna Ferrrari, managing partner people & culture

Johanna Ferrari, Partner People & Culture