The Sweat Connection

The common link is we all sweat. Also known as perspiration or diaphoresis it is one of the endless, amazing functions of the human body. When we sweat the core function of the body is to self-regulate temperature. Sweat cools us down. Basically, where skin exists so do our sweat glands.

The underarm region of our body has a high concentration of sweat glands, therefore is a primary sweat zone. We are likely to experience sweat in this region when our body engages in the thermoregulation process.

Sweat is triggered by a number of different situations. These can range from hot or cold temperatures, stressful situations, changing hormones, diet and exercise. Some of us are more prone to sweating than others. At this point I would like to acknowledge those with hyperhidrosis, as this condition can further increase the negative and stressful aspects of living with excessive sweat.

How much we sweat is personal to the individual and the situation. To get a perspective, when we exercise we produce generally between 0.8 -1.4 litres per hour.

Sweat removes toxins from the body and helps to promote good health. Sweat alone isn't the problem for many people. One of the issues is when sweat comes into contact with clothing, producing unwanted underarm sweat stains.

Our undershirt offers a total solution to this problem of underarm sweat stains.

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Sweat Protection

The MATT KING UNDERCOVER sweat proof undershirt combines reinforced absorbent layers with a sweat proof barrier, guaranteeing no visible underarm sweat stains.

Your undershirt allows the body to naturally regulate without obstruction, whilst stopping underarm sweat stains being exposed.

Enjoy with confidence the liberation to wear all your favourite colours without the fear of visible underarm sweat stains; which can often make one feel self-conscious, embarassed and uncomfortable.

The MATT KING UNDERCOVER sweat proof undershirt solves the problem of visible underarm sweat.

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Undershirt Test

About our Undershirt

Introducing your undershirt: Where design and fashion meet sweat proof innovation to keep your underarms free from visible sweat stains. 

This combination of high-end aesthetic and sweat proof engineering is the key to your undershirt's sweat management ability, giving you protection and confidence where it’s needed most.

Our undershirt is designed to be worn under any shirt. Go formal, go smart, go casual. It’s the perfect solution whatever the condition, whatever the activity. Our undershirt empowers you to wear clothing of any color and style with 100% confidence.

An essential addition to everyone's wardrobe.

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